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Long Live CPAN Testers

As noted on the Shadowcat News Page over the previous weekend Shadowcat Systems has become the first company to pledge support for CPAN Testers and to make a monthly contribution to the initiative using the signup page on the Enlightened Perl site. Committing to Long Term Support What do I mean by long term pledge [...]

Send-A-Newbie 2012

It is my enormous pleasure to announce the awardees for the 2012 Send-A-Newbie initiative. This year we have three applicants who were successful and they all come from across the Europe and beyond.[1] The attendees have all ensured that without the financial assistance of the EPO they would not be able to attend the event [...]

French Perl Workshop 2012

The French Perl Workshop will once again open its doors to all persons on the 29-30 June 2012. The Workshop is a free event that is held in a different French city each year and this year that city is Strasbourg. The organisers ask you to register to get access to the wiki, talk schedules [...]

EPO Members Site

Prologue: Precepts Mark Keating is a Director, and Secretary, of the Enlightened Perl Organisation. The use of ‘we’ in this text might refer to either the organisational team responsible for the construction of the new Members and Donations site, or the organisation itself. It is never used as a Royal ‘We’. Introduction: A History For [...]

Hack Day #1

A Hack Attack Next saturday, 24th March 2012, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding their first Hack Day of 2012. For the previous three years we have held hackdays as an annual event to create a local community day for fun and hacking on open source and community projects. it was decided [...]

NWE.PM: The Shape of 2012

This year the North West England Perl Mongers will once again ‘mix it up’ and attempt to find a comfortable balance for our rather widespread and diverse group. We have decided to have a regular location and format to the meetings in order to bring some stability and try to grow the membership. So for [...]

Perl Rocks Latin America

A Perl Team wins a web app. competition There is often a description, a type, bandied at Perl that you cannot build an application in the language in a short period of time and so it isn’t suitable for the apparent ‘fast-paced’ and ‘flexible’ web development world. A group of Perl hackers in Brazil turned [...]


North West England Hackday 3 Saturday 3rd December was the North West England annual hackday held at the Shadowcat offices in Lancaster once again (for those of you who didn’t know – or just guess – we have been the proud hosts of all three hackdays thus far). This year the plan was to hack [...]

NWE Hakathon Moves Date

Hey all. For those of you planning to attend the NWE yearly Hackathon this weekend please note that we have had to have an emergency move of date to the 3rd December. Both Ian and I are truly sorry for doing this at the very last minute but it was completely unavoidable. Hopefully this means [...]

Hackability 3[1] Hackday Part Trois[2] Once again, and for the third year running as the subtitle crudely suggests, the North West England Perl Mongers will be having a hackday to complete work on open source projects. The hackday is traditionally held at the Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster, though physical attendance is not absolutely required as [...]