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Working on the Workshop

It is that time of year again when the London Perl Workshop, the United Kingdom Perl Workshop, is just a few days away and all that my mind can focus on is the event and whether I can pull off a success once again. Well, I say ‘I’ in a rather immodest fashion. It is [...]

Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon 2013

The Search for Sponsors It was my pleasure to announce last week that Ian Norton and I will be hosting the 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon in the North West of England. It is similarly my pleasure to relate that our very first sponsors are signed up. Each year the outgoing organising team donate any [...]

Google Code In 2012

Once again we will be attempting to participate in the Google Code-In ( on behalf of the Perl Foundation with the support of the Perl Community. As last year the principal organiser will be Paul Johnson accompanied by Florian Ragwitz, Wesley Johnson and Mark Keating. We are looking for the whole community to help contribute [...]

QA Hackathon 2013

Next year’s Quality Assurance Hackathon was originally intended to be held in the Roman town of Londinium on the banks of the River Thames in the south-eastern nub of the Kingdom of England. However, due to complications arising from the collision between a condom and a time machine(1) the event will now be held elsewhere [...]

Join, Sponsor or Donate to the EPO

Once again I find myself acting like the archetypical London guttersnipe of the Victorian era, gleefully doffing a cap in my hand and wiping a cold tear from a dirty cheek and saying ‘please mister, or lady-miss spare a tanner to help me poor old dad who is sick of the dropsy’.

Support a Research Project

The Perl Foundation is pleased to be working with and promoting Kevin Carillo’s research into newcomer experience and contributor behavior in Perl and other FOSS communities. You also can help by taking the time to fill out this survey. Kevin is a PhD candidate in the School of Information Management at Victoria University of Wellington. [...] Virtual HackDay #3

Next saturday, 22nd September 2012, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding their third Hack Day of 2012.

More Meat to Market

New Committee Members As announced on the front page of the Perl Foundation, and my pleasure to repeat here, the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee has three new members in the form of: Torsten ‘Getty’ Raudssus Jess ‘Castaway’ Robinson Ian ‘IDN’ Norton This is part of a continuing move to further the goals and aims of [...]

Long Live CPAN Testers

As noted on the Shadowcat News Page over the previous weekend Shadowcat Systems has become the first company to pledge support for CPAN Testers and to make a monthly contribution to the initiative using the signup page on the Enlightened Perl site. Committing to Long Term Support What do I mean by long term pledge [...]

Oslo Perl Mongers Rock

So I tweeted this message during the journey home from Frankfurt (and the wonder that was this year’s YAPC::Europe::2012) yesterday, and I couldn’t have been more sincere. OSLO PERL MONGERS ROCK So what prompted this outburst? Send-A-Newbie Funds One of the messages I gave during my Lightning Talk on Announcements at YAPC Europe this year [...]