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Perl Rocks Latin America

A Perl Team wins a web app. competition There is often a description, a type, bandied at Perl that you cannot build an application in the language in a short period of time and so it isn’t suitable for the apparent ‘fast-paced’ and ‘flexible’ web development world. A group of Perl hackers in Brazil turned [...]

EPO sponsors Perl QA

For the second Year running the Enlightened Perl Organisation is proud to be counted among the sponsors for the (Perl) Quality Assurance Hackathon. The membership have voted to sponsor the event with 1,000 Euros to help with the operating costs as seen appropriate by the organisers. The QA Hackathon is a free of charge coding [...]

London Perl Workshop 2011

Reflection, part two In my first post on Friday I reflected on the fact that this year’s London Perl Workshop was the fourth event that I had organised, in this post I want to talk about this year after the event and some elements around it. If you build it… In preparing for this year’s [...]

London Perl Workshop

Reflection, part one So I am speeding through the misty, and drizzly, English countryside aboard a Virgin Pendilino train heading towards London and my fourth stint as the organiser of the London Perl Workshop (The United Kingdom Perl Workshop). It has been an interesting four years doing this gig, when I started it was just [...]

San Francisco Perl Mongers

“If you’re going to San Francisco…” Make sure you tell the local Perl Mongers you’ll be there… Okay so not really fitting with the song, but almost. So Ingy, t0m, Rafl and I were all attending the Google Summer of Code Mentor’s meeting on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd October and while we were here [...]


This year’s YAPC::Brasil is being held in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro in the Centro de Convenções Flex Center from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 2011. The schedule for Friday will feature a 1 day course by the guest speaker brian d foy who will be teaching “Effective Perl Programming”. The [...]

Vive Les Mongueurs de Perl

Perl QA Hackathon 2012 Once again I have to thank the laws determining large numbers and the interaction of societies[1] for Les Mongueurs de Perl those wonderful French Perl Mongers. Once again they have taken up a baton that was in the way of being passed and will be hosting the QA Hackathon for 2012.[2] [...]

Hackability 3[1] Hackday Part Trois[2] Once again, and for the third year running as the subtitle crudely suggests, the North West England Perl Mongers will be having a hackday to complete work on open source projects. The hackday is traditionally held at the Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster, though physical attendance is not absolutely required as [...]

YE2011::Days Two and Three

(This is a personal reflection on the second and third day of the YAPC Europe 2011, it is not intended to be a guide to what was on or a significant critique of the event, it is just a personal journal). Day Two Day Two of YAPC was started by Alexei who quickly welcomed us [...]

Do what thou wilt…

(Caution this post may contain personal opinion, emotional choice and some casually rambling rhetoric, a longer version can be found at I was asked, online in Twitter(1) by a friend (@techpractical is their  twitter ident) if I would support their efforts to form a @techpractical had decided that Perl needed a specific group [...]