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Evolution of the Velociraptor

Synopsis There is a bit of confusion circling the wires as to where and when the need to refer to Perl 5 as a “Raptor” or more correctly a “Velociraptor” originated. Also people wish to know: Why name it? Why use this? Whose idea was this? This article will attempt to relieve you from the [...]

Oasis Perl Workshop

My Ironman Status Fun – fun – fun in the sun – sun – sun Last Saturday was the Perl Oasis conference in Orlando Florida arranged, orchestrated and conducted by the Orlando Perl Mongers in the fleshy guise of Chris and Jamie (notice how those two names could be used by either of them?). The [...]

Perl Oasis is coming…

My Ironman Status This week I am blogging from a line at Paris, Disney. Actually right now I am back in my room and typing this to you but I was in a line when I made notes about this. Why am I in Paris and why Disney? Well the Paris is easy, it is [...]

North West England Perl Mongers rock

The Event: So last Wednesday, as reported in this blog the North West England Perl Mongers held a live video feed of their session Question the Catalyst Authors (See: – held between 8.15 p.m. and 9 p.m. (GMT) on Wednesday 28th October. The Issues: The technical difficulties of this session were: Castaway and Theorbtwo [...]

Pushing the Envelope: part two

We happy few… I am going to follow up my article from last week, Pushing the Envelope, with an article cunningly titled Pushing the Envelope: part two (I was going to try something witty such as The Compiler Strikes Back but not only did it not fit the subject matter but it was also not [...]

Question the Catalyst Book Authors

Welcome ye one and all to a chance in a lifetime, well an almost chance in a lifetime, especially if you do not know the authors of the Catalyst book, or have only heard about either them, the book, or Perl, or are just curious, or have been living in a tree somewhere, or chanced [...]

Enlightened Perl Workshop at YAPC::EU

YAPC::EU::Lisbon If you are in Lisbon for the YAPC::EU and are still about on the Thursday then you can still sign up to the free Workshop featuring Enlightened Projects presented by the combined skills of Matt S. Trout, Ash Berlin and Jonathan Rockway. This is a totally free event and we will be attempting to [...]

Perl 5, TPF, EPO and Corehackers a-go-go

Jim Bandt of the Perl Foundation has announced on the Perl Foundation blog,  Proposed Payments for Clearing Perl 5 Bugs, that they will be supporting Nick Clarke’s proposal, spending other people’s money, to award grant bounties for code/bug fixes in the Perl 5 Core . The Enlightened Perl Organisation became involved with this when we [...]