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PRS2012 – Perl5-Perl6 Reunification Summit

Of Crockery and Hard Surfaces Between Friday 17th August and Sunday 19th August 2012 we held the first ever Perl Reunification Summit in the town of Perl just inside the border of Germany near to the borders of France and Luxembourg. The summit was an invite-only event and was the brainchild of Liz and Wendy [...]

YAPC::EU::2012 – Call for Papers

As many of you already must be aware the next Yet Another Perl Conference Europe will be held in the metropolitan city of Frankfurt from 20th-22nd August 2012.

GSoC 2012

Announcements On Saturday 4th February Google confirmed that they would be running the Google Summer of Code for the 8th year and once again the Perl Foundation will attempt to be a participating organisation and is seeking your help. Call for Ideas Once again we will be using the Enlightened Perl Organisation‘s MojoMojo blog to [...]

Perl Rocks Latin America

A Perl Team wins a web app. competition There is often a description, a type, bandied at Perl that you cannot build an application in the language in a short period of time and so it isn’t suitable for the apparent ‘fast-paced’ and ‘flexible’ web development world. A group of Perl hackers in Brazil turned [...]

Linter in Test::WWW::Mechanize

Duke Leto (Jonathon Leto of Parrot, Perl 6 and Perl 5 CPAN fame) who I recently caught up with in San Francisco at the Google Summer of Code Mentor’s meeting, has added a new, and as he would no doubt state it ‘small’, feature to the latest release of Test::WWW::Mechanize (version 1.38). You can now [...]


This year’s YAPC::Brasil is being held in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro in the Centro de Convenções Flex Center from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 2011. The schedule for Friday will feature a 1 day course by the guest speaker brian d foy who will be teaching “Effective Perl Programming”. The [...]

The Act of Organisation(1)

If you have been at a Perl conference in Europe or North America in the past few years, and more specifically if you have been an organiser of a Perl conference then you will have an Act login and will have encountered this system. What is Act? Well its creators describe Act as “Act (A [...]


La-La-Latvia For those who weren’t aware (perhaps they were living in a cave or relying on certain websites to update their conference details) this year’s YAPC::EU will be held in the historic Eastern European city of Riga in Latvia, August 15th-17th. Our hosts will be the highly respected wunderkinds of and the excellent DeepText [...]

Cry Havoc and let slip the ‘Raptors*

If you have been following the thread about a logo for Perl5, you may have come across the post by Kraih ( (Kraih is Sebastian Riedel, original author of Catalyst, Mojolicious and sri on irc) which described how he was enthused to create a logo for Perl5 (after a conversation we both had), something we [...]

Perl Briefing Papers

Introduction Those of you who watch the Enlightened Perl Organisation’s site, or perhaps follow the channels #epo or #epo-ironman on (and if you have been paying attention to rantings in this blog), you will know that we are attempting to push/promote/market our language a little more/better. One of the ways in which this will [...]