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Oasis Perl Workshop

My Ironman Status Fun – fun – fun in the sun – sun – sun Last Saturday was the Perl Oasis conference in Orlando Florida arranged, orchestrated and conducted by the Orlando Perl Mongers in the fleshy guise of Chris and Jamie (notice how those two names could be used by either of them?). The [...]

The Magnificent Dave Cross

My Ironman Status A very modest[1] man in need of praise Last week the very well-known and indominable force of nature that is Dave Cross was kind enough to mention Matt and I in a list of people in his article The Without Whoms, who had done good work in 2009 for the Perl community. [...]

Perl Oasis is coming…

My Ironman Status This week I am blogging from a line at Paris, Disney. Actually right now I am back in my room and typing this to you but I was in a line when I made notes about this. Why am I in Paris and why Disney? Well the Paris is easy, it is [...]

When the music’s over…

My Ironman Status So the hustings are over and the bunting has been pulled down and we close the books, looks and sack the cooks as we say farewell to another London Perl Workshop for another year. But what a great year it has been. Thanks for the memories So as the organiser and I [...]

London Perl Workshop Draws Closer

My Ironman Status Even more workshop details All about food Due to the very generous nature of our sponsors this year’s London Perl Workshop will have a wonderful buffet in the evening. This should make previous year’s simple fare pale into the background as a veritable cornucopia of delights are paraded for hungry workshoppers to [...]

London Perl Workshop: t-minus some numbers

My Ironman Status The Event The London Perl Workshop, which I am sure you have all heard about and are even now wondering how to get to this magnificent event, is a free event that will be held on 5th December 2009 at the University of Westminster’s Cavendish Square Campus. London Perl Workshop Homepage I [...]

North West England Perl Mongers rock

The Event: So last Wednesday, as reported in this blog the North West England Perl Mongers held a live video feed of their session Question the Catalyst Authors (See: – held between 8.15 p.m. and 9 p.m. (GMT) on Wednesday 28th October. The Issues: The technical difficulties of this session were: Castaway and Theorbtwo [...]

Italian Perl Workshop & NWE.PM Webcast

North West England Perl Mongers broadcast to the web A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the North West England Perl Mongers ( would be holding a night with the Catalyst authors and would be trying to broadcast this to the world. Well we will be doing just that. If you go to: [...]

Question the Catalyst Book Authors

Welcome ye one and all to a chance in a lifetime, well an almost chance in a lifetime, especially if you do not know the authors of the Catalyst book, or have only heard about either them, the book, or Perl, or are just curious, or have been living in a tree somewhere, or chanced [...]

A Modest Response*

I am going to begin this post by thanking Gabor Szabo for his recent blog post What I am missing from EPO, and to state that this is to follow up on his comments and queries and hopefully clarify some things. It is not intended to refute, rebuke or denigrate his words in any manner. [...]