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GSoC – Update and Flyers

Introduction As I mentioned in the last post on this subject the Perl Foundation will attempt to be a participating organisation in this year’s Google Summer of Code and is seeking your help. We are using the Enlightened Perl Organisation‘s MojoMojo blog, there is already a Perl and GSoC main page for this year’s participation [...]

GSoC 2012

Announcements On Saturday 4th February Google confirmed that they would be running the Google Summer of Code for the 8th year and once again the Perl Foundation will attempt to be a participating organisation and is seeking your help. Call for Ideas Once again we will be using the Enlightened Perl Organisation‘s MojoMojo blog to [...]

Video killed the presenting star…

Perl Oasis and LPW2011 Videos: Some Personal Recommendations

In the previous three weeks it has been a pleasure to be able to finally get both the videos for the London Perl Workshop 2011 and the 2012 Perl Oasis videos up on Presenting Perl for the enjoyment of a wider audience.

It is at this point that I can hold out a few interesting videos for people to look for.

London Perl Workshop: The Videos

Once again I ended my year by editing and uploading the videos from a London Perl Workshop and the videos are live on Presenting Perl. And as last year the curse of doing this is following me around. There was a big glitch in grammar for which I alone must take blame, but I am [...]

EPO Site Redesign

If you haven’t heard already allow me to share with you the fact that the Enlightened Perl Organisation website has had a redesign. The site had a previous design from circa July 2008 which was done at the time as a JFDI placeholder look while awaiting a new design, unfortunately that weekend effort lasted for [...]

London Perl Workshop 2011

Reflection, part two In my first post on Friday I reflected on the fact that this year’s London Perl Workshop was the fourth event that I had organised, in this post I want to talk about this year after the event and some elements around it. If you build it… In preparing for this year’s [...]

London Perl Workshop

Reflection, part one So I am speeding through the misty, and drizzly, English countryside aboard a Virgin Pendilino train heading towards London and my fourth stint as the organiser of the London Perl Workshop (The United Kingdom Perl Workshop). It has been an interesting four years doing this gig, when I started it was just [...]

YE2011::Days Two and Three

(This is a personal reflection on the second and third day of the YAPC Europe 2011, it is not intended to be a guide to what was on or a significant critique of the event, it is just a personal journal). Day Two Day Two of YAPC was started by Alexei who quickly welcomed us [...]

YE2011::Day One

There are going to be blogs about YAPCEU, already Leon has done a report on his Day One that is far nicer than what I would have written, I just wanted to do an interim report on what I have seen, been doing. I arrived early on Day One and was greeted by the usual [...]

Do what thou wilt…

(Caution this post may contain personal opinion, emotional choice and some casually rambling rhetoric, a longer version can be found at I was asked, online in Twitter(1) by a friend (@techpractical is theirĀ  twitter ident) if I would support their efforts to form a @techpractical had decided that Perl needed a specific group [...]