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Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon 2013

The Search for Sponsors It was my pleasure to announce last week that Ian Norton and I will be hosting the 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon in the North West of England. It is similarly my pleasure to relate that our very first sponsors are signed up. Each year the outgoing organising team donate any [...]

QA Hackathon 2013

Next year’s Quality Assurance Hackathon was originally intended to be held in the Roman town of Londinium on the banks of the River Thames in the south-eastern nub of the Kingdom of England. However, due to complications arising from the collision between a condom and a time machine(1) the event will now be held elsewhere [...]

Officially a Hardware Hacker

So that Robert Blackwell is an evil man, he’s my dealer, he hooked me up, got me to score, gave me the skinny and I am a user now. He gave me a gateway drug and suddenly I needed more…

A Qualitative Regard

The Event is on This weekend sees the QA Hackathon take place in Paris. The delegates will gather, converse, hack and generally further the field of Quality Assurance in Perl and its many libraries. Already I have seen the chatter and plans as they begin to assemble and combine their objectives and itineraries. Since I [...]

Hack Day #1

A Hack Attack Next saturday, 24th March 2012, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding their first Hack Day of 2012. For the previous three years we have held hackdays as an annual event to create a local community day for fun and hacking on open source and community projects. it was decided [...]

Vive Les Mongueurs de Perl

Perl QA Hackathon 2012 Once again I have to thank the laws determining large numbers and the interaction of societies[1] for Les Mongueurs de Perl those wonderful French Perl Mongers. Once again they have taken up a baton that was in the way of being passed and will be hosting the QA Hackathon for 2012.[2] [...]

Hackability 3[1] Hackday Part Trois[2] Once again, and for the third year running as the subtitle crudely suggests, the North West England Perl Mongers will be having a hackday to complete work on open source projects. The hackday is traditionally held at the Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster, though physical attendance is not absolutely required as [...]

YE2011::Day One

There are going to be blogs about YAPCEU, already Leon has done a report on his Day One that is far nicer than what I would have written, I just wanted to do an interim report on what I have seen, been doing. I arrived early on Day One and was greeted by the usual [...]

YAPC::NA Training and Events

Train to Gain With just three weeks to go until the start of YAPC::NA it is time to start considering attending the training sessions and events that will accompany this year’s conference. If you are new to Perl, but still familiar with basic Perl, and want to know all about CPAN the greatest resource in [...]


La-La-Latvia For those who weren’t aware (perhaps they were living in a cave or relying on certain websites to update their conference details) this year’s YAPC::EU will be held in the historic Eastern European city of Riga in Latvia, August 15th-17th. Our hosts will be the highly respected wunderkinds of and the excellent DeepText [...]