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Google Code In 2012

Once again we will be attempting to participate in the Google Code-In ( on behalf of the Perl Foundation with the support of the Perl Community. As last year the principal organiser will be Paul Johnson accompanied by Florian Ragwitz, Wesley Johnson and Mark Keating. We are looking for the whole community to help contribute [...]

Join, Sponsor or Donate to the EPO

Once again I find myself acting like the archetypical London guttersnipe of the Victorian era, gleefully doffing a cap in my hand and wiping a cold tear from a dirty cheek and saying ‘please mister, or lady-miss spare a tanner to help me poor old dad who is sick of the dropsy’.

Long Live CPAN Testers

As noted on the Shadowcat News Page over the previous weekend Shadowcat Systems has become the first company to pledge support for CPAN Testers and to make a monthly contribution to the initiative using the signup page on the Enlightened Perl site. Committing to Long Term Support What do I mean by long term pledge [...]

Oslo Perl Mongers Rock

So I tweeted this message during the journey home from Frankfurt (and the wonder that was this year’s YAPC::Europe::2012) yesterday, and I couldn’t have been more sincere. OSLO PERL MONGERS ROCK So what prompted this outburst? Send-A-Newbie Funds One of the messages I gave during my Lightning Talk on Announcements at YAPC Europe this year [...]

EPO Sponsors YAPC Brasil

Proud to be a Part The Enlightened Perl Organisation today announced that they would be sponsoring YAPC::Brasil with an award of £1,000 (GBP). The YAPC::Brasil is a relative newcomer on the YAPC scene (this is their fourth year as BR) being formed out of a combined languages conference and referred to at that time as [...]

Send-a-Newbie: Meet the Awardees

As reported in a previous post the three awardees of this year’s Send-A-Newbie initiative are: Claudio Umer Manzur We have now managed to complete the process of acquiring visas for Umer and Manzur and all the newbies[1] have arranged their travel and accommodation. If you are in Frankfurt next week you might want to say [...]

Donate to CPAN Testers

If you submit modules to CPAN, or are reliant on modules that are downloaded/located on CPAN then you have used the services of CPAN Testers whether you were aware of this or not.

Send A Newbie

The Initiative The Send-a-Newbie initiative is being held once again, this year for YAPC::EU::2012 in Frankfurt and the applications are open. If you know of someone who would benefit from this initiative, and who qualifies, then please ensure they apply as soon as possible. We will be closing the period for applications on the 30th [...]

Hack Day #1

A Hack Attack Next saturday, 24th March 2012, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding their first Hack Day of 2012. For the previous three years we have held hackdays as an annual event to create a local community day for fun and hacking on open source and community projects. it was decided [...]

Send-A-Newbie 2012

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Send-A-Newbie initiative will once again be run by the Enlightened Perl Organisation for YAPC::EU::2012::Frankfurt. The SAN initiative is aimed at introducing people new to a Perl event to this principal European conference, to Perl conferences and to the community. Applications can be made by anyone* with [...]