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I have always relied on the generosity of Perlers

At this year’s London Perl Workshop we decided to trial a new element. The event, as I am sure you are aware and has been mentioned many times elsewhere, is a free t attend affair. We often provide a whole package of free things, workshops, tutorials, attendance, coffee, cakes, evening buffet and a tipple or three. As such we only require you to pay with your participation and perhaps provide a little enjoyment to the mix.

Working on the Workshop

It is that time of year again when the London Perl Workshop, the United Kingdom Perl Workshop, is just a few days away and all that my mind can focus on is the event and whether I can pull off a success once again. Well, I say ‘I’ in a rather immodest fashion. It is [...]

Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon 2013

The Search for Sponsors It was my pleasure to announce last week that Ian Norton and I will be hosting the 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon in the North West of England. It is similarly my pleasure to relate that our very first sponsors are signed up. Each year the outgoing organising team donate any [...]

PRS2012 – Perl5-Perl6 Reunification Summit

Of Crockery and Hard Surfaces Between Friday 17th August and Sunday 19th August 2012 we held the first ever Perl Reunification Summit in the town of Perl just inside the border of Germany near to the borders of France and Luxembourg. The summit was an invite-only event and was the brainchild of Liz and Wendy [...]

EPO Sponsors YAPC Brasil

Proud to be a Part The Enlightened Perl Organisation today announced that they would be sponsoring YAPC::Brasil with an award of £1,000 (GBP). The YAPC::Brasil is a relative newcomer on the YAPC scene (this is their fourth year as BR) being formed out of a combined languages conference and referred to at that time as [...]

Send-A-Newbie 2012

It is my enormous pleasure to announce the awardees for the 2012 Send-A-Newbie initiative. This year we have three applicants who were successful and they all come from across the Europe and beyond.[1] The attendees have all ensured that without the financial assistance of the EPO they would not be able to attend the event [...]

French Perl Workshop 2012

The French Perl Workshop will once again open its doors to all persons on the 29-30 June 2012. The Workshop is a free event that is held in a different French city each year and this year that city is Strasbourg. The organisers ask you to register to get access to the wiki, talk schedules [...]

London Perl Workshop 2012

Announcements and proclamations London Perl WorkshopPromote your Page too If you have been folowing my Twitter feed (use the #lpw2012 tag) or are on any of the mailing lists or follow the LPW Facebook page, you will already know that the first call for the London Perl Workshop went out this week announcing the date [...]

Send A Newbie

The Initiative The Send-a-Newbie initiative is being held once again, this year for YAPC::EU::2012 in Frankfurt and the applications are open. If you know of someone who would benefit from this initiative, and who qualifies, then please ensure they apply as soon as possible. We will be closing the period for applications on the 30th [...]

Perl ‘Local’ Community Calendar

Last week there was a small discussion on Twitter about the Perl Review Community Calendar about adding events to this resource, thankfully brian d foy has made it a trivial matter to commit to this resource and you can get a commit bit from him or Renée Bäcker to do this. During the discussion we [...]