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YE2011::Days Two and Three

(This is a personal reflection on the second and third day of the YAPC Europe 2011, it is not intended to be a guide to what was on or a significant critique of the event, it is just a personal journal). Day Two Day Two of YAPC was started by Alexei who quickly welcomed us [...]

YE2011::Day One

There are going to be blogs about YAPCEU, already Leon has done a report on his Day One that is far nicer than what I would have written, I just wanted to do an interim report on what I have seen, been doing. I arrived early on Day One and was greeted by the usual [...]

Send-A-Newbie awardees

It gives me great pleasure to announce that this year the Enlightened Perl Organisation will be sending two people to the YAPC::EU::2011 in Riga, Latvia. The two awardees are: Moritz Onken and Manzur Mukhitdinov. The Send A Newbie initiative was started in 2009 by Edmund Von Der Burg and has been organised by the Enlightened [...]


La-La-Latvia For those who weren’t aware (perhaps they were living in a cave or relying on certain websites to update their conference details) this year’s YAPC::EU will be held in the historic Eastern European city of Riga in Latvia, August 15th-17th. Our hosts will be the highly respected wunderkinds of and the excellent DeepText [...]

Send-a-Newbie 2011

Once again I come to the community and its surrounding fellows, friends and supporters, to ask you to support by the contribution of funds, both great and small, to the annual Send-A-Newbie initiative organised by Mark Keating on behalf of the Enlightened Perl Organisation and the wider Perl Community. This initiative allows, as you can [...]