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This year’s YAPC::Brasil is being held in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro in the Centro de Convenções Flex Center from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November 2011. The schedule for Friday will feature a 1 day course by the guest speaker brian d foy who will be teaching “Effective Perl Programming”. The [...]

The Act of Organisation(1)

If you have been at a Perl conference in Europe or North America in the past few years, and more specifically if you have been an organiser of a Perl conference then you will have an Act login and will have encountered this system. What is Act? Well its creators describe Act as “Act (A [...]

London Perl Workshop 2011: Sponsors

This is the fourth year that I have dived head first into organising the London Perl Workshop (The UK’s Perl Workshop) and the first in which I am writing this type of post before the official launch of the site. Why is that i hear you call… It is because I love our sponsors.[1] A [...]

GSoC – Next year’s flyer

The Perl Foundation Perl GSoC Before we begin I just wish to state that I haven’t gone insane I just have channeled the spirit of Baden Powell and am working in advance so that we can function efficiently later this year. So I am proud to present to you the current working copy of the [...]

Common Market Policy*

Perl Foundation Homepage Enlightened Perl Organisation Homepage As I have mentioned here many times I am involved with the marketing and promotion of Perl. This started as a need to promote Perl in connection with my company, Shadowcat Systems Limited, and then a growing desire to make sure that the image and information about the [...]

A Meeting of Many Camels

QA2011 Hackathon Day One Today marked the first day[1] of the Quality Assurance Hackathon 2011, an event not restricted to but mostly featuring work done in the Perl community. This event has been sponsored by, Vienna and French Perl Mongers, YEF and the EPO and is being hosted by at their office in [...]

Sign up to Perl GSoC now!

The Final Countdown… We are into the final week for students to sign up to the Google Summer of Code. The program is accepting submissions from students and mentors until Friday 8th April so now is the time to get involved before it is too late and you suffer from last regrets. But what do [...]

Perl Briefing Papers

Introduction Those of you who watch the Enlightened Perl Organisation’s site, or perhaps follow the channels #epo or #epo-ironman on (and if you have been paying attention to rantings in this blog), you will know that we are attempting to push/promote/market our language a little more/better. One of the ways in which this will [...]