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Why Aim So Low

My Ironman Status The Hackday Proposals This year for the North West England Perl Mongers Hackday (Hackday Proposals) we decided to choose a new project to work on. Last year we worked on the EPO’s Ironman codebase as covered in this excellent article by Ian Norton, this year we decided to vote on which project [...] This year’s Hack Day

It’s that time of year, That’s something’s in the air, Like a load of geeks, With some very curly hair, Write another load Of code to give away, That celebrate-ate-ates, All the fun they had today… The North West England Perl Mongers ( will be having another hackday this year in the jolly month of [...]

New Year, New Tech Meets

North West England Perl Mongers: March Tech Meeting 2010 Event Location Event Sign-up Just a short post today to remind people who haven’t signed up who can make it that they have just 24hrs to sign up before we close the signing process in anticipation of Thursday night’s’s first tech meet of 2010. If [...]

Ironboy is coming soon

My Ironman Status For those of you who have been keeping up-to-date with things we are working on a new version of the Ironman feed which will be called and is currently being developed as Ironboy by the members of and their associated friends who hang out on in the channel. [...]

Amongst the finest…

My Ironman Status Precis, damn you, precis Last week I spoke about the rather magnificent Dave Cross[1] and in the continuation of a theme[2] this week I am going to talk about some of the magnificent chaps and chapesses of North West England Perl Mongers and their associated brethren[3]. The Context It has been a [...]

Perl Oasis is coming…

My Ironman Status This week I am blogging from a line at Paris, Disney. Actually right now I am back in my room and typing this to you but I was in a line when I made notes about this. Why am I in Paris and why Disney? Well the Paris is easy, it is [...]

…so few, done so much, for so many…

My Ironman Status Saturday 12th December was the North West England Perl Mongers 6th Technical meeting of the year and for this month we decided to have a happy Hackathon. So we gathered in the office of Shadowcat Systems who were sponsoring the event with snacks, pizza and beer (as well as a temperamental net [...]

North West England Perl Mongers rock

The Event: So last Wednesday, as reported in this blog the North West England Perl Mongers held a live video feed of their session Question the Catalyst Authors (See: – held between 8.15 p.m. and 9 p.m. (GMT) on Wednesday 28th October. The Issues: The technical difficulties of this session were: Castaway and Theorbtwo [...]

Italian Perl Workshop & NWE.PM Webcast

North West England Perl Mongers broadcast to the web A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the North West England Perl Mongers ( would be holding a night with the Catalyst authors and would be trying to broadcast this to the world. Well we will be doing just that. If you go to: [...]

Pushing the Envelope

While in Lisbon at YAPC::EU::2009 I was fortunate enough to talk to Aaron who is an avid Perler and member of the Edinburgh Perl Mongers. Without going into too much detail it is enough to say that Aaron is a member of the Reg team and we had a discussion about pushing the Perl envelope. [...]