At this year’s London Perl Workshop we decided to trial a new element. The event, as I am sure you are aware and has been mentioned many times elsewhere, is a free to attend affair. We often provide a whole package of free things, workshops, tutorials, attendance, coffee, cakes, evening buffet and a tipple or three. As such we only require you to pay with your participation and perhaps provide a little enjoyment to the mix.

This year one of the volunteers made the bold suggestion that maybe we should have a charity box for the many elements in the Perl world. There are a number of projects that are managed by the Enlightened Perl Organisation such as Send A Newbie, CPAN Testers and the conferences. The business activities, financial assistance and some other support, and often the entirety of the organisation, are supplied by the Organisation.

So we had three boxes on the registration desk throughout the day, we sold a few special t-shirts for donations, and I asked for people to throw in some change if they wished to their chosen project. Again, a volunteer, also took the initiative in corralling people to the moneyboxes.

The results were far in excess of what we had hoped, or even expected, and I would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the various projects.

We raised:

  • Enlightened Perl Organisation:   £133.50
  • Send A Newbie:                                 £142.03
  • CPAN Testers:                                   £126.71
  • Total:                                                   £402.24

Once again thanks to everyone :)