The Search for Sponsors

It was my pleasure to announce last week that Ian Norton and I will be hosting the 2013 Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon in the North West of England.

It is similarly my pleasure to relate that our very first sponsors are signed up. Each year the outgoing organising team donate any funds left from their event to the following year and this year we have a generous kickstarter contribution from the Mogueurs Du Perl of €1495.66 To add to this, with stunning speed and enthusiasm, Renee Backer announced that $foo Magazin would be donating €500 to the event.

I have to be both stunned and amazed at the speed in which we quickly jumped to approximately two thousand euros in funding and then daunted as there is a long slog yet.

Sponsor me…

So, once again, I come to you all with my cloth cap in hand and other arm reaching towards your pockets in gentle, yet persistently indicative, manner to ask for your generous donations to a Perl event.

So why should you donate to the Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon?

Well with all sincerity I will ask you to think about the name of the event, a Quality Assurance Hackathon. This event is intended to ensure that we have, and continue to evolve, a stable, secure, quality language. The whole focus is to invite and secure the attendance of some of the best names in the Perl world and to get them together so they might work on problems, discuss new approaches and generally feed a whole year of new innovation in language quality.

This, for me, is one of the most important events to sponsor and be a part of, it is the reason I am involved and the reason my company will be involved. It is the reason I am an organiser.

I also think it speaks volumes about companies that involve themselves in the community and support innovation in their language, especially in open source. To any outside observer it indicates that the company is a part of the evolving community, and it highlights their responsibility in being a part of ensuring quality in the tools they rely on to conduct their business.

All our sponsors are the nutrient supplying the lifeblood of the Perl testing and quality assurance culture. Without them these people would not gather as this one mass. Sure they meet online, in conferences and at other events but not as one mass.

Also, that is the wrong environment for what happens at the QA Hackathon. The focus of the Hackathon is to get them together and working on the same issues, to discuss and explore and to propose future evolution. The people invited are often speakers or organisers of events, project managers and senior programmers, they have little time for this form of work, essential as it is. Placing these people in this environment together, caring for their transportation, food and accommodation so that they contribute their time fully to the issues of QA is part of the reason we have such a valuable language.

Added to that you will have the grateful thanks of the whole of the Perl world, they will see your logo in association with this event and will see you as one of the influential and valuable members of the business side of our community.

Furthermore, you will have my personal thanks and as much promotion as I can afford to give.

What are you Sponsoring?

The Perl QA Hackathon asks the contributors to give up their time to attend the event, added to that we will attempt to sponsor as much of the costs as we can. There will be a staged application with the attendees asked if they need to be sponsored with:

  • Evening Meals;
  • Accommodation;
  • Travel;

We call this a three stage application. The candidates will select their funding level if they need some or all of those three stages and we will attempt to cover the costs based on their submissions. We have decided to aim for having a maximum 40 attendees. 10 unsponsored, 10 part sponsored and 20 fully sponsored. Our costs indicate that we need to raise a significant sum to cover this number of people and this is where we need your help.

We will make sure that breaks, lunches and drinks throughout the day are covered for all attendees.

So once more I ask you to contact me about sponsorship of this event. We will consider any form of sponsorship, from direct funds, to hotel rooms, to travel, to sponsoring staff with time or refunding their expenses. We have a long list of possibilities and as always we will be showing our budget and costs to the world. We will be sharing a document on our website that shows how much is being asked for and spent on every person/item in the event.

And if we have an excess budget we will have a nice surprise for next year’s organisers.

Thanks for considering us.