Next year’s Quality Assurance Hackathon was originally intended to be held in the Roman town of Londinium on the banks of the River Thames in the south-eastern nub of the Kingdom of England. However, due to complications arising from the collision between a condom and a time machine(1) the event will now be held elsewhere in the Kingdoms United.

At this time the precise location is being determined using a mixture of cunning, guile, a D20, real ale and an Ouija board(2) but will be released as soon as humanly possible…but, who the heck needs to be exact…

I can reveal that it will be held in the North of England. Indeed gentle ones we will be inviting you to the shores of Merry England but not to its rather assertively Middle English determined, multi-cultural, contradictory fiscal status indulged, southern dominions but to the flung out provinces of the North West. In these far dispersive wilds people are real people; whippets, flat caps and racing pigeons are sometimes accurate yet still stunningly blunt stereotypes and puddings are sometimes black and made of blood.(3)

With true British veneer, the location will no doubt still be Roman in essence, historical in attitudes and full of those quaintly amusing, yet weirdly humoured English bigots that merry old Blighty has cheerfully exported to all your foreign shores.(4)

So, hear, recall, watch, applaud, contribute and commit to the 2013 QA Hackathon NWE.(5)


We will soon have the Act site live and will be discussing dates, attendees, costs and all other ephemera every Thursday in the usual channel.

As always we will be seeking to fund the attendees for their travel, accommodation and as much of the day to day bills as possible, I would ask that anyone wishing to attend, sponsor, promote or otherwise engage in this event contact Mark Keating (mdk – or Ian Norton (idn – as soon as possible.


(1) This joke appears at the behest of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Trall

(2) The actual truth is that we have to approach a number of different potential venues to be sure.

(3) Though we also have a rather decent vegetarian Black pudding that captures the exact essence of flavour if not the exact right texture.

(4) All text taken from the previously unreleased BBC sitcom, Oops Mum Where Do We Pay the Licence Fee.

(5) North West England.