Once again I find myself acting like the archetypical London guttersnipe of the Victorian era, gleefully doffing a cap in my hand and wiping a cold tear from a dirty cheek and saying ‘please mister, or lady-miss spare a tanner to help me poor old dad who is sick of the dropsy’.

As I take your warm offering or brave your disingenuous scowls my friends will be happily picking your pockets, grabbing silk handkerchiefs, pocket watches and purses and racing off to the happy strains of ‘you’ve got to pick a pocket or two, boy…’

So, I come to you once again to ask for your money, your support, your time and your approval. The Enlightened Perl Organisation is seeking to increase its membership, gain more donations and sponsorship for the various projects and initiatives it has to offer.

If I might have a few moments of your time I will describe what I would like you to do.

The minimum step

If you find yourself unable to commit to a yearly fee, or too strapped of funds to even donate or sponsor you can still support the organisation by taking out our ‘special’ membership. This costs nothing and shows your general support of the organisation and its efforts, it will also place you in a position to hear of our programmes and hopefully contribute to, and decide upon, future initiatives.

The preferred step

Please become an ordinary membership. Our new membership interface now makes it trivial to sign up and pay, and your yearly membership will be used in full to support the work of the organisation. Aside from legal fees, and general bills the organisation pours all of its money into community projects, events and initiatives. All the work of organisation and promotion is done by volunteers.

Ordinary members have a greater day in the running of the organisation and can be appointed as officers and run for directorship. I urge you to consider this as your support, funds and presence is invaluable to us.

The Other Steps

I would be pleased if you would consider donating to (a recurring amount) or sponsoring the organisation or one of our initiatives. I would also ask that you consider asking the companies you work with, and for, who are part of the greater Perl world to do the same.

We allow people to set up recurring payments or one off amounts to specific initiatives, such as Send A Newbie, CPAN Testers etc., as well as the main organisation. These initiatives need constant funds to keep them active, progressive and useful, it is only by securing commercial support to complement the individual community efforts that we can achieve any sense of stability.

Averting Crisis

In the past eighteen months we have undertaken a complete overhaul of the organisations look and infrastructure. Since we are volunteers with busy lives this has meant we have had to sacrifice certain elements, one of these was monitoring our membership.

Because of this we have allowed memberships to lapse or decay and are now facing an issue of many people not renewing their association. I would like to urge you to visit our new membership site and renew your membership immediately and to encourage others to do the same.

I also urge others in the Perl community who are not yet members to join with us, we are hoping to grow the membership and influence of the organisation and if we can raise the funds we have a range of exciting projects to be involved with, and events to be a part of, in the coming year.

‘Thanks for your time, guvnor, ‘ere I fink some lark ‘as ponied orf wiv ya spoils…’