As noted on the Shadowcat News Page over the previous weekend Shadowcat Systems has become the first company to pledge support for CPAN Testers and to make a monthly contribution to the initiative using the signup page on the Enlightened Perl site.

Committing to Long Term Support

What do I mean by long term pledge and monthly contribution?

CPAN Testers, and those who use it or know about it need not be told this, is an invaluable service to anyone who is committing to, or using modules from, CPAN in the Perl world. They test every module that is uploaded to CPAN against pretty much every distribution and make a report of any issues, these reports are searchable and repeated with new versions of the module and just about every version of Perl.

Run that through your thoughts a few times if you aren’t wowed already.

This service is free. I mean free as in beer. They do it because they saw that it needed doing.

Of course it costs money to use the servers and create the service and until now this money has come from fund-raising, donations of hardware and the pockets of those who maintain the service.

We still have, and will continue to have, donations of hardware by many companies, and long may that continue. We still have a method by which individuals, and companies, can make one-off donations, and all hail the excellence of those that do. But what we do not yet have is a sustainable source of income that will pay the basic costs of the primary services.

So I have a plan

If we can get between 20-40 companies to make a regular monthly commitment of just £20 ($30 or €25) using the repeat subscription part of this form, then we will cover all base costs for the system and have a method by which we can evolve and improve the service. The other donations can then be used in the best way possible to improve and further the system.

Shadowcat has done this, I now encourage you all to do the same (or get your companies to do the same).

CPAN Testers and the Enlightened Perl Organisation

Late in 2011 CPAN Testers became, financially, part of the Enlightened Perl Organisation, we became the umbrella for their financial needs to help support and grow the initiative.

The EPO provide this service as they see CPAN Testers as a companion community service, tying in the same role by providing a function that enhances community and supports business.

The EPO and the Perl Foundation are working in unison to help support CPAN Testers. The Enlightened Perl Organisation is a not for profit organisation registered in England and Wales (06526172) and dedicated to supporting worldwide Perl 5 events and the community. The EPO act as a business organisation for the CPAN Testers initiative and supply banking and business services at no charge, all funds donated to CPAN Testers are used to further promote and support CPAN Testers.