Have you ever presented anything, or are you ever going to present anything? From giving a keynote in front of a ten thousand strong audience to a short five minute business presentation to office peers?

Do you wish you had the skills to give the very best presentation you could? Do you wish there was a series of simple to follow techniques that will guide you towards making succesful presentations that are memorable, informative and impressive?

Do you feel that you need the confidence to perform well and that at this point you do not have it?

Or do you just want to improve your skills to be a better presenter by learning from an absolute master of the craft.

Then you MUST attend this course.

Once more the reknown presenter, author, developer, trainer and thinker, Damian Conway, will be presenting two courses in London in October. The first will be a course on Regular Expressions, a must for any Perl programmer and should be on the wish list for disciples from other tongues. The second course is a Presentation Skills Workshop (http://www.flossuk.org/Events/PresentationSkillsOct2012).

Damian Conway has perfected the art of presenting, if there was a Dao of Presenting the very first precept of it would start with “Damian says…”. This is no cowing compliment, he really is that good.

See the attached pdf (Damian-Poster-presentation-skills-web) or this page of testimonials to see what others have to say about this remarkable presenter.

I wrote a previous article about the excellent short course that Damian contributed to that I attended in Riga, and bemoaned the inability to attend the course he was giving in London on his last tour. But not so this year. I will be at the Workshop in October and if you have never attended this course and fit any part of the criteria above you should hasten to secure yourself a place now.

I hope I see you there.