If you submit modules to CPAN, or are reliant on modules that are downloaded/located on CPAN then you have used the services of CPAN Testers whether you were aware of this or not.

CPAN Testers are an established resource in the Perl community that were,until very recently, almost unique in the software development world. There is still little to compare to them. They supply testing of modules on many flavours and distros of Linux and report back issues or conflicts to module authors and project design teams.

For those who are involved in Quality Assurance (QA) the people at CPAN Testers are the first essential service and they are part of the reason that Perl has such strong QA development practices and is the home of TAP.

This service is provided for free. They do not attempt to charge for either the server time or the personal time of the organisers. But it isn’t a free service to maintain.

This is where we all come in…

If you use CPAN for modules related to either your paid work or business projects you are using a service that is complimented, in fact greatly enhanced, by CPAN Testers. You can help keep this service free for all to use, help it evolve and expand, and make the service more efficient by donating towards its upkeep.

You can choose to make either a one-off donation, or perhaps subscribe to a regular donation. You can also do this with ease. The Enlightened Perl Organisation has become the business partner for CPAN Testers and you can donate directly from members.enlightenedperl.org. You do not need to be a member of the EPO to do this (though you might want to consider it).

The organisers of CPAN Testers have full access (when they so require it) to the donations system and banking of the EPO and manage the funds donated to CPAN Testers and their usage in providing a valuable service.


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