Last week there was a small discussion on Twitter about the Perl Review Community Calendar about adding events to this resource, thankfully brian d foy has made it a trivial matter to commit to this resource and you can get a commit bit from him or Renée Bäcker to do this.

During the discussion we noted that this particular calendar should only cover ‘larger’ Perl meetings and I thought it would be worthwhile to have a ‘Local’ calendar as well so that we can put all the smaller/local Perl social and technical meetings, gatherings and events on it. This will help people to see their local meetings and to see if there is a local meeting they can attend when travelling.

There are good reasons for having these calendars and good reasons to keep them as separate entities:

1. You can quickly glance at when the larger conferences are through the year and plan your attendance;

2. The calendars can be embedded into other sites;

3. You can pull the feeds (iCal) independently and avoid clutter if you just want the larger events or just want the local events;

4. It is trivial to embed both (simply subscribe to both and then choose to embed and select both calendars to show);

5. You can embed the calendars independently on separate pages/locations;

6. etc. – add your own reasons – ad infinitum…

I have now created a ‘local’ Perl Events Calendar (iCal ics linkembed link*), and what I require now is for those people responsible for setting up local Perl meetings, be they technical meeting managers, social managers, drinks tzars ( I am looking at you) and others to ask me to add them to this calendar so they can update their meetings for the year and then add locations to them as we proceed.

Locations and other data is the next step in the grand plan, if we use the location management in Google Calendar, or just add enough location data to the events, we can then set up scripts to extract this data and use it, imagine apps that tell you where and when the next Perl event close to your location is? Or mix it with a travel manger to tell you what events are happening near to when you plan your travel. But that is a future possibility. For now get moving and email me an address to add you as a committer.**

Due to spam attacks I have made the decision to block all comments on my site except for those that come from members of the group of people. If you want to make comments on my site then email me at m {dot} keating (at) shadowcat {dot} co {dot} uk.


* Thanks to Barbie for the corrections :)

** Don’t make me come looking for you, I will find you and I have a clue bat that is made of willow and well seasoned.