A Hack Attack

Next saturday, 24th March 2012, the North West England Perl Mongers will be holding their first Hack Day of 2012. For the previous three years we have held hackdays as an annual event to create a local community day for fun and hacking on open source and community projects. it was decided at the 2011 hackday that in 2012 we would hold some virtual hackdays, one each quarter, to compliment our main day in November.

These hackdays are virtual events where we shall gather online, in the irc channels such as #northwestengland.pm on irc.perl.org, in Google Hangouts on Google+ to have video conferencing and on mailing lists and other social media channels. This will allow people from anywhere in the world to join us.

Once again Shadowcat Systems in Lancaster wil be throwing open its doors to anyone who wants to come to the office and partake of good coffee to hack.

We will be hacking on a new look, shape and feel to Presenting Perl, a community resource site, as well as finalising work on the new Members area for the Enlightened Perl Organisation, though people are allowed to bring their own project and just hang with us.

Contact Ian and Mark for more information or pop into one of the channels or join our mailing list.

Look forward to seeing you there.