As many of you already must be aware the next Yet Another Perl Conference Europe will be held in the metropolitan city of Frankfurt from 20th-22nd August 2012.

Call for Papers

The call for papers has now been announced and the organisers are accepting talks on subjects relating to Perl, they request that you select the appropriate level of talk (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and start to prepare a paper if your talk is accepted as they intend to publish the conference proceedings.

If you have an idea for a talk my advice is to submit your abstract early. The talk submission deadline is 15th July 2011with the last approval notification on 31st July. They will be evaluating talk submissions every three weeks from this date and will accept a handful of proposals each time. This will not indicate that if your talk isn’t approved right away, it won’t be. However, the sooner you get your talk proposals in, the better chance you have of getting a talk approved and placed on the schedule. You can submit your talk at

The conference will be complimented by a series of BoF and training sessions and if you have an idea for some of those you may wish to contact the conference organisers.

There are two standard talk slots this year: 20 and 40 minutes. Exceptions are available for keynotes and small teaching classes: 60 and 120 minutes. There will also be three sessions of Lightning Talks, one on each day of the conference.


The cost of a high quality event such as a YAPC is always high and the event is reliant on the generosity of sponsorship to provide the best possible experience. Sponsorship is a great way of giving immediate value to the community and for spreading your name to a highly targeted audience.

If you would like to sponsor, or know of anyone who would consider sponsorship please contact the organisers and visit this page for information on sponsors and sponsoring YAPC::EU::2012::Frankfurt.