The QA Hackathon is a free of charge coding workshop for people involved in Quality Assurance, testing, packaging, CPAN, and other projects related to quality assurance. The workshop is not necessarily exclusive to Perl projects, however, many of the attendees will be planning to work on projects that have a direct benefit to the Perl language.

The hackathon is a three day event that takes place from Friday March 30th to Sunday April 1st 2012. The Perl QA Hackathon 2012 will be held in the beautiful European city of Paris, France, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

QA Attendees hacking on code and ideas

2011 QA Hackathon attendees hacking on code and ideas


Final Call and Sponsors

Call for Attendees

The final call for attendees has been issued by the QA Hackathon and there is very little time left to consider attending. The closing date for application is the 31st January. You can see more details and register here.

Call for Sponsors

Sponsorship is the backbone of the Perl QA Hackathon as we attempt to provide all our attendees with full sponsorship for travel, accommodation, the venue and some food sponsorship. As such we are continually looking for help from commercial organisations, community organisations and individuals to help support the event.

Since the original call for sponsors we have received a wide range of support:

A number of community organisations and initiatives have sponsored, starting with the QA Hackathon 2011, $foo magazin, Les Mongueurs de Perl (French Perl Mongers) and the Enlightened Perl Organisation.


3 community mascots in attendance at the QA Hackathon

3 community mascots in attendance at the QA Hackathon

The corporate sponsors so far have been SPLIO, DuckDuckGo, Diabolocom, Hedera Technology, Dyn, Dijkmat and Jaguar Network.

We have also received donations from a number of individuals including: Franck Cuny, 近藤嘉雪, Tomohiro Hosaka, Syohei Yoshida, 牧 大輔 (lestrrat), Laurent Boivin.

There is no minimum donation and every donation will be gratefully received and will go towards making this a wonderful event. Our hope is to fully sponsor the event with remaining funds going towards next year’s Hackathon.

You can see the current funds raised, the current sponsors and how to make a donation on the QA Hackathon website.