As announced a few weeks ago by rafl (amongst many others such as Leo Lapworth on PerlNews and myself via Twitter) the MetaCPAN team are currently running a Logo Competition to design a new logo for the project with a prize of $400 US dollars generously donated by the Enlightened Perl Organisation.

This competition is free to enter and they boldly claim (with some intentional good grace and humour) that you can enter an infinite number of times. You can even re-submit an entry based on the feedback your image receives on the competition blog. The basic rules are simple:

  • Create a logo in a scalable format. Make sure it still looks delicious as a 16px by 16px icon.
  • Submit the logo to before January 13, 2012.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Your submission will be uploaded to the MetaCPAN blog where it will be voted upon. The closing date for all entries is the 13th January 2012 so there are only a couple of weeks remaining to complete a design and upload it.

This competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter and not restricted to people in the perlverse, make sure to visit the competition website for a complete run-down of the rules and procedure. You can follow myself, metacpan and rafl on Twitter.