Marco Fontani and I decided last year that what Scotland needed was a conference to call its own that would be organised by a Perl person[1]. This decision was made over a jar or two of a comfortable real pop in a local Edinburgh hostelry. Marco, who is the leader of and a keen programmer, was keen to help organise the event as there was a lack of lead volunteers at the time and he enlisted me to aid him as I had started the original conversation and am the organiser of the London Perl Workshop[2].

So, after a brief bout of cogitation, deliberation and the usual exasperation the Dynamic Languages Conference was born. Since then we have been hard at work securing both a venue, sponsorship and have aligned ourselves with the Turing Festival to bring this event to life. Tonight I mailed a number of lists with the first mail out which is copied after this introduction. If you know of a list, a mail group, a Bulletin Board[3] where this text might be posted I would be honoured if you would post it for me.

The Dynamic Languages Conference is aimed at any dynamic language be it Perl, Python, Ruby (including Rails), PhP, Javascript etc., and not just one language. Our aim is to be inclusive not exclusive. If you belong, use or want to know more about these languages this may be the conference for you.

As always, thanks in advance.


[1] The original concept was a Perl type event and then we moved on to the idea of having a more inclusive event based around the whole of the OSS sphere.

[2] It seems I am also a giant dupe as I fell for organising something once again.

[3] Yes, they do still exist.

Mail Out

[Please copy from the following line to the end]

The Dynamic Languages Conference has officially opened its website to registrations at

The Dynamic Languages Conference (26th-27th August) is a new, free of charge, event held in Edinburgh to coincide with the parent festival, the Turing Festival (, 26th-28th August) which is the European Festival of Digital Culture and Technology (EFDCT), an official part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s greatest cultural and artistic event. Dynamic Languages Conference has been sponsored by a number of organisations.

The conference is aimed at bringing the Open Source Dynamic Languages together at one event where they can discuss in an open forum and compare the various methods they employ to achieve similar goals. We welcome people from any of the Dynamic Languages such as Perl, Ruby (including the Rails community), Python, PhP, Javascript etc., our goal is inclusion and sharing of experience and approach.

This year we are seeking speakers to talk on one of two subjects:

Dynamic Language and Application Development for the Internet which will be the Friday track;

Dynamic Languages and System Administration which is the Saturday Track.

This event, Dynamic Languages, is free though you will need to register to obtain a ticket to the whole of the event. The parent festival (Turing Festival) which runs over the same period has also launched its site and invites people to attend for a modest fee.

We are seeking speakers to attend the festival and they can also register and submit talks through our website at There will be guest speakers talking at both the Dynamic Languages and Turing Festival. We are pleased to announce that the well known Richard Stallman will be our guest of honour and will speak at both the Dynamic Languages and the Turing Festival event.

If you do not have an Act account already please use the new user link to register for this event, Act only keeps your details for conference registration with other Act events it is not used for any other purpose or passed to a third party, you can then submit a talk or make your conference schedule when we publish. The closing date for talks is Friday 29th July and the Schedule will be released on Monday 8th August.

The Dynamic Languages event will be held in the magnificent Surgeon’s Hall on the Friday (26th August), and the Informatics Building on the Saturday (27th August).

The Dynamic Languages event has been originally organised by members of the Glasgow and NorthWestEngland Perl Mongers groups though we are seeking help/support from any other open source language group, if you are a member of such a group, or a leader then we would be happy to hear from you and to work with you to invite your community to this event. We are still seeking keynote speakers who may be able to gain sponsorship to the event.

Please submit this to all mailing lists, user groups or message boards that you know of or to any interested parties. If you have an idea for a small event to be run in conjunction to this event, such as a hackathon or BoF then please contact Mark or Marco who will be happy to try and work with you to achieve this.

More information about The Turing Festival

Creative Destruction
Digital Technology And The Death And Rebirth Of Culture And Society

Edinburgh in August is where the cream of European technical and digital talent will come together with the world’s largest Arts Festival to thrash out the issues at the heart of our cultural and economic future. The world is being remade in front of our eyes – this is your chance to take part in that struggle.

The Turing Festival brings together a wealth of knowledge, talent and ideas to capitalise on the opportunities posed by the internet and look at what the future holds for the creative, digital and cultural sectors.

This festival is for entrepreneurs, developers, managers, creative thinkers, geeks, technologists and evangelists to discuss, debate, learn and predict the future of the web. Running alongside the world renowned Edinburgh International Festival and Guardian Media Festival, the Turing Festival offers a weekend of interactive gatherings and conferences with industry leading professionals who will challenge your business ideas and leave you wanting more!

Organised by Interactive Scotland, Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh Science Triangle, the Turing Festival has been developed to raise the international awareness of Scotland’s indigenous talent in developing and designing software, hardware, mobile, computing, gaming, music, film, TV and internet services, content applications or platforms.