If you have been following the thread about a logo for Perl5, you may have come across the post by Kraih (http://blog.kraih.com/a-logo-for-perl-5) (Kraih is Sebastian Riedel, original author of Catalyst, Mojolicious and sri on irc) which described how he was enthused to create a logo for Perl5 (after a conversation we both had), something we all felt was needed for some time. The logo he created was, after our conversation, a Velociraptor.

Kraith's Original Logo

The reason for choosing this fearsome beast is explained in my previous post (http://mdk.per.ly/2011/03/02/evolution-of-the-velociraptor/) which details clearly the evolution of the idea as a historical narrative. Since then we have had some further discussions and have made sure the message has percolated to everyone that we are using this to represent Perl5.

Now, it is important to remember that this in not an “official” logo, nor are we claiming that you must use this version for Perl5. In fact there are already 2 logos in the wild, Kraith’s and the logo I created for London Perl Workshop. Also, we have both decided that the logos should be given a CC-SA licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) which allows all of you out there to use variants, derivatives and create items etc. from these logos for your own purposes with the only caveat being that you must attribute the author and release your work under the same licence.

I have already started to create the variants I will be using, and you can grab the original yourself from Kraith’s Github Repo (https://github.com/kraih/perl-raptor) which you can do things with. A couple of the examples I have, which I will supply on request (I will get them into a common repo once I decide what that repo is and where it will be stored) are shown below. One of these is a poster that is best reproduced at A5 (if you double click on the image you’ll go through to the screen with details, double click on the image on that screen will get you a large size that can be printed), the other a variant on the Perl5 logo idea.


Perl 5 Logo alt. 1

Perl 5 Logo alt. 1


A Raptor Surfing is so Cool

Please feel free to use these images, if you could let me know where you’re using them and how that would be appreciated as I would like to build up a list of that.



*Once again my apologies to Shakespeare.

** A huge thanks once again to Sebastian for helping us get a really good basic raptor that we can use in so many fun ways.