As some of you may know, if you follow shadowcat_mdk on Twitter, I have some news to be announced later this week, but before that I have some great news to announce about a friend, and fellow community member.

Torsten Raudssus, @raudssus on Twitter and Getty on irc, has been made the “Open Source Community Manager” for duckduckgo, the extremely cool search engine written in Perl. This is a community position whereby he will provide the link between the Perl community and DuckDuckGo. His primary focus will be to provide and help integrate open source plugins and features that will work with the DuckDuckGo internal APIs.

He also hopes that there will also be independent modules that may be released to CPAN, as well as other platforms that wish to interact with the capabilities of DuckDuckGo.

After speaking with Getty he outlined some of his initial focus:

Firstly a “Contribution Page”, a location for all the contributions to open source work related to duckduckgo is coordinated, This would also include the non-code work (such as document provision, translations, promotion etc.).

Secondly he will coordinate and manage the presence on Github to ensure good repository organisation and access to materials to a wide audience.

I am sure that Torsten will fill this role as if it were a suit made precisely to his size, and I look forward to bringing you more information on it in future posts.