The Perl Foundation

Perl GSoC

Today at 19:00 UTC the six successful applicants to represent the Perl Foundation in the Google Summer of Code were selected, approved and informed. I can now let you know who they are:

  1. André Walker – Rework Catalyst component setup code
    Mentored by Tomas Doran and Eden Cardim
  2. Brian Neil Fraser – Making the Perl Core UTF-8 clean
    Mentored by Florian Ragwitz and Zefram
  3. Carlos Ivan Sosa – Removing the upgrading necessity of the Dancer script with a module
    Mentored by Sawyer X and Franck Cuny
  4. Marc Green – Standardization of core documentation parsing tools
    Mentored by Ricardo Signes and David E. Wheeler
  5. Moritz Onken – CPAN search for the modern web
    Mentored by Clinton Gormley and Olaf Alders
  6. Tadeusz Sośnierz – Pod parser for Rakudo
    Mentored by Moritz Lenz and Carl Mäsak

Congratulations to the applicants who were selected. For those who didn’t get accepted this year will be contacted soon by the oragnisers. There were a lot of great proposals and I know a lot of discussion was done by the mentors over which proposals to accept.

We now enter the period that Google refers to as the “Community Bonding Period” which the mentors and students can use to set up the finer details of the proposal, make sure that documentation is available and is read, introduce students to the other people in the community who will offer advice and the various mailing lists and channels of communication.

Coding starts on 23rd May (on this page) or 24th May (on this page)* and we are hoping that our students and mentors will be thoroughly settled and ready to go. I will bring you regular updates.

Good luck over the Summer :)

*Personally I am willing to bet it is the 24th as it may be 00:00 UTC on the Monday night/Tuesday morning