There is now a (new and official*) page devoted to The Perl Foundation on the social media site, Facebook. If you are a Facebook member and follow the events in the world of Perl you should go and “like” and “share” this page immediately.

So I know a few people who will be reading this blog will be curious as to why we need Facebook pages at all, as we have the blogs and the collected feeds like, the Perl Fondation Homepage itself, Perl News and various Twitterers who Tweet to their heart’s content. Well it is to do the same as those sites are doing but to an audience that they are potentially not reaching. It is also a tool to use in the continuing effort to market our beloved language and bring it to as wide an audience as possible, even if there is some overlap of information, there is also the ability to use the various sites to their best potential.** Facebook is as distinctly different to Twitter as that is to a Blog, and all of these are different to news sites and organisation homepages. We owe it to our potential audiences to deliver content in as wide a variety of sources as possible.

But, the message is to go, join in with the efforts, “like” and “share” and “tweet” and “retweet” as you so desire. Soon I hope to bring you some code for Facebook badges, like buttons and status info that you can use on your own sites and blogs to further spread the message.

Don’t forget to answer the question posed on the Facebook page, “what would you like to see on the page?”, your feedback, like your participation is highly desired and very much appreciated.


* I say official as the page was formed by Karen Pauley who is the President of The Perl Foundation.

** This is just a simple, quick, response to give you a broad answer. If you have some other thoughts on the marketing please feel free to leave comments.