Once again I come to the community and its surrounding fellows, friends and supporters, to ask you to support by the contribution of funds, both great and small, to the annual Send-A-Newbie initiative organised by Mark Keating on behalf of the Enlightened Perl Organisation and the wider Perl Community.

This initiative allows, as you can read about here, for the sending of people, new to Perl conferences/workshops, to the YAPC::EU::2011 in Riga.

All donors are listed (excluding the sum donated which is kept private) on our roll of honour on the donations page of the send-a-newbie site. This initiative survives entirely from the goodwill of those people that donate and we greatly appreciate all contributions.

If you are a corporate sponsor of this event we will, aside from listing you on the donations page, offer (for the minimum sum of £100 pounds) the opportunity to have your logo on the front page of this site and on the donations page. We will also use this logo on any promotion of the initiative. If you wish to contribute that sum as an individual we will use a logo/banner image you supply. Though please note that it must fit into the space supplied on the site and that we cannot display anything that is not your copyright or potentially offensive (so no requests for pictures of me).

So please spread the word and consider supporting the initiative.