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Student and Mentor sign-ups for GSOC

If you wish to sign up to the Google Summer of Code, on behalf of The Perl Foundation, as either a mentor or a student you can do so now simply go to: The process from there is very simple. 1. Click the “Register” button if you are a student, or the “register as [...]


As you may know from reading my last post the Google Summer of Code gives students the chance to involve themselves with an open source project and this year the efforts on behalf of The Perl Foundation (TPF) are being run by Florian Ragwitz (Rafl). The first stage of this process (the accepting of the [...]

Google Summer of Code

This year’s GSOC efforts on behalf of the Perlverse are being organised by the magnificent Florian Ragwitz (rafl on irc) on behalf of The Perl Foundation. Rafl is currently seeking ideas, students and mentors for the event and hoping that the community can help with this. Rafl has placed a page on the EPO wiki [...]

Perl Briefing Papers

Introduction Those of you who watch the Enlightened Perl Organisation’s site, or perhaps follow the channels #epo or #epo-ironman on (and if you have been paying attention to rantings in this blog), you will know that we are attempting to push/promote/market our language a little more/better. One of the ways in which this will [...]

Hail the Overlord

Each year the EPO ( must elect a new director, or have an existing director re-elected (the EPO’s year runs from 6th March). This year Marcus Ramberg decided to resign and not seek re-election due to many other commitments. In accordance with the organisations’ rules we held an election process and it is my pleasure [...]

Evolution of the Velociraptor

Synopsis There is a bit of confusion circling the wires as to where and when the need to refer to Perl 5 as a “Raptor” or more correctly a “Velociraptor” originated. Also people wish to know: Why name it? Why use this? Whose idea was this? This article will attempt to relieve you from the [...]

EPO and the QA Hackathon

For those of you in the know, which would be anyone who is in the perl-qa channel on or have looked at the wiki ( on the QA Hackathon website (, or maybe heard on Twitter/Facebook/-insert social media type- the QA organisers, and especially the Herculean efforts of Book and Erica have now secured [...]