I have an idea for some marketing/promotion, and thanks to the EPO (Enlightened Perl Organisation) I have some money to complete this idea with. But I need your help, yes you, the Perl community.

What is the idea, what do you want from us?

Quite simply I am going to be preparing some posters/flyers (A5 to start with) that will be given out at Perl/non-Perl events and stuck up in various places (some of them will be one sided, some will be two, and some will be available for you to print and distribute yourself. I need all of you to help me create some material to put on the flyers, basically think of a common issue that can be easily solved with Perl that will fit on a flyer, or a short list of how to install a Perl application/library on a chosen system, or a short intro to  a project (Catalyst/Mojolicious/Dancer/Padre) with a link to the downloadable items or etc., etc..

Okay, deep breaths I am getting ahead of myself and this is now sounding like a ramble instead of a proposal.

So as bullet points:

  1. Produce some flyers for Perl
  2. Make them available as Creative Commons items in a common location so that people can download and distribute in their own area or print locally to reduce postage costs
  3. Collect ideas and material from the Perl community to put on the flyers so we have a mix of marketing messages and promotional material allowing us to produce variant flyers with either long or short content
  4. Print some on higher quality paper to distribute
  5. Collect some simple to do Perl tasks that can fit on the flyers
  6. Organise people to help distribute (there is a group dedicated to doing this at non-Perl conferences already), but make sure they are distributed by others. So we can all take an hour to go to our local university/college and post flyers in pigeon holes/pin them to walls, stick them on cars at tech events, glue them to buses/trains on routes that students use, distribute them in lectures/classes, give them out at talks…the list is endless[1]

So I need you. I need ideas of where to put them and I need text and ideas for the flyers. Give me your thoughts and feelings please.


[1] Okay, not actually endless, but you get my point.