It’s that time of year,
That’s something’s in the air,
Like a load of geeks,
With some very curly hair,
Write another load
Of code to give away,
That celebrate-ate-ates,
All the fun they had today…

The North West England Perl Mongers ( will be having another hackday this year in the jolly month of November.

We will be kick-starting the process in September with an evening of Lightening Talks where we will be putting forward suggestions as to what we will be hacking on. This will be discussed, debated and voted upon on the evening. We will then have two months to update and formulate a plan on the wiki (which contains the Hackday Proposals).

There is an excellent article by Ian Norton on our last Hackday and the things that we learned which is well worth a read.

I am seeking volunteers to join in either locally (at the Shadowcat offices where there will be beer and pizza) or online for the hackday where we will attempt to get as much coding done in a one day period as possible. Keep watching the wiki for more details on the project.

Watch this space for more information.