My, Apparent, Ironman Status
My Ironman Status

Having a certain swagger…

By now I hope most of you have been following Gabor Szabo‘s and Renée Bäcker’s efforts to get Perl promoted at non-Perl conferences (see events on the TPF wiki here) and like me are in support. Their efforts are supported by The Perl Foundation, the YAPC Europe Foundation and the Enlightened Perl Organisation all of whom have helped by supplying funds/items to give away at the booth/event.

Wherever I lay my pint…

So the EPO have produced a set of Beer Mats as promotional items. About 1,000 of these mats will be sent to the CeBit conference to be given away (see more details on the CeBit Perl attendance on the Wiki page on TPF wiki), but there are another 2,000 of these items available and if you have an event, know of an event, where technical people may gather and would like some beermats to give away, then please contact Mark (the owner of this blog) at m.keating(at) and request some. We will deliberate and decide if it is a worthwhile request (don’t be shy, that’s just to stop people saying they want one for their beer mat collection – though go to a conference, add your support and grab some if that’s the case).

What they look like?

Well I am glad you asked. The beermats all share a common background image and the front is three different projects that are part of the EPO supported projects. They are displayed below. Enjoy :).

Back Image of the beermats

Back Image of the beermats


-ttfn – Mark