My Ironman Status
My Ironman Status

Precis, damn you, precis

Last week I spoke about the rather magnificent Dave Cross[1] and in the continuation of a theme[2] this week I am going to talk about some of the magnificent chaps and chapesses of North West England Perl Mongers and their associated brethren[3].

The Context

It has been a year since Ian Norton (Facebook) and I (Facebook, Twitter, mdk) formed the North West England Perl Mongers group[4], and one of our aims in starting the group was to “do good things for Perl and the community”. Of course our very first task was to get some regular members.

The “good things” we wanted to do were to promote Perl in the local region, a task which we have started but need to really push some more this year, to hold regular technical meetings, which we have and there are videos of our tech talks available, we even managed to broadcast one of these live on the internet! Another task we set ourselves was to start to build useful sites/tools for Perl folks (and others) to use. The first task in that was to get the Ironman (from the Ironman Blogging competition) archives running and call this[5]. The Ironman Blogs on Enlightened Perl only display the most recent posts and we thought it would be a great tool/resource to have a site that collected/collated all previous posts and allowed them to be indexed and searchable. This is almost ready for a live test (currently under a password protected site), and we will be shouting about it when it is released.

The Finest

So who are these finest people I would like you to know? Let me list them for you:

Matt S. Trout (mst)

Matt is a Director of Shadowcat Systems and one of the “loudest and most profane”[TM] voices of Perl and the Perl Enlightenment. Matt is a constant community player and provider, prodder and poker, charmer and cahinsawer[6], and delights in using the term “well volunteered”[7]. Matt is the “architect” (of sorts) of the current scheme. He also talks at almost every technical meeting and is first in the pub whenever possible.
(Homepage, Blog)

Graeme Lawton (grim)

Graeme is the first (in this list only) of our MEN trio of regulars who make up a consistent force in the North West England Perl Mongers group. Graeme maintains blogs and is a Catalyst and Dbix::Class guru.
(Blog, Twitter, Perly on Twitter)

Iain Hubbard (Iain)

Second of the this-list-only MEN trio is Iain who came to Perl through the vomitous mire of random php[8], Iain is a core member of the group responsible for getting working.
(Blog, Twitter)

Carl Johnstone (fade)

Third and not final of the MEN trio is Carl who is a Systems Admin and therefore a sweet and nice guy who every loves and has the mildest and gentlest of natures [9]. Like all good SysAdmins one is never quite sure what Carl does, or what he does with, though you can lay bets on it not working if he hadn’t done his magic.

Ollie (aCiD2)

New to North West England Perl Mongers but a contributor to things Catalyst, Ollie joined us on our hackathon and in channel on irc. We are hoping to pull him into being a regular member/contributor. Ollie worked on the Perlanet side of the project.

Ian Norton (idn)

Ian works at the University of Lancaster where he maintains the Universities Mail systems and constantly promotes the use of good Perl. A guru in the use of RT (and a vocal proponent of this technology) Ian has become more involved with the community in the past eighteen months and is a successful co-leader of a Perl Mongers group. Ian has spoken at the London Perl Workshop, UKUUG Conferences and the NWEPM tech talks.

Jess Robinson (castaway)

There are few people who inspire awe from just about everyone who has heard of them and Jess is one of those people. I would need a whole post to list all the things this wonderful person does and how much praise for her should be given and she would probably beat me up if I did as she’s quite modest. Maintainer of many docs for a plethora of projects (not an easy task, if you think writing documents is easy then help Jess out, though you had better be good because the standard you are matching is high) and contributor to them as well, including Catalyst and DBIx::Class. Jess works for Sophos and technically lives in the South, but we maintain she is a northener in her nature.
(Blog, Twitter)

Dave Cross (davorg)

Spoken about at length in my last post and maintainer/author of the excellent Perlanet which we use for Dave has now been pulled into chatting in channel and updating his code for us as we bend and twist it a little :).
(Perlanet Git, Perlanet CPAN, Homepage)

(All descriptions are my own and the people being spoken about had no direct influence on me, though they may do after reading this :0 ).

So there they are, and hopefully in a couple of weeks time I will be telling you all to visit to see what we have done. Please look them up online or on irc and say hi and offer to buy them a beer when you next see them as they are all worth it.

[1] Like The Fantastic Mr Fox but with grey hair, human and not a fox (except to the ladies).
[2] One supposes with this being a ‘net thang I should call it a meme, but it really isn’t (well not yet at least).
[3] They are our “associated brethren” for although they may not strictly belong in the group by region, they are certainly members by association and perhaps even spiritual home (for in the faire counties of the North doth all of England’s heart dwell, for the Midlands have the stomach and further south the bowels (yes Kent you are the rectum, Cornwall has the pointy bits)).
[4] For strict accuracy it was formed on the weekend of the 2008 London Perl Workshop, but we officially started in the January of 2009.
[5] This name was chosen as we are intending to use the site for a range of matters and the namespace (Perly Website) is owned by a member of the #NWEPM (Twitter search term).
[6] I promise to quit with the epithets soon.
[7] This term has now become something of a legend in the Perl community, I am going to attribute it to mst, unless someone can give me an example of prior consistent usage.
[8] Not all PHP is bad, and there are many decent coders in its ranks. It has the same number of poor projects/bad code as any other language I suspect, but many Perl coders have waded through poor php code on their path to Perl.
[9] It will be a cold day in hell before I annoy a SysAdmin.

-ttfn – Mark