My Ironman Status

My Ironman Status

We happy few…

I am going to follow up my article from last week, Pushing the Envelope, with an article cunningly titled Pushing the Envelope: part two (I was going to try something witty such as The Compiler Strikes Back but not only did it not fit the subject matter but it was also not funny). Last week I asked people to sign up to write Perl Articles that we could initially (hopefully) get published on The Register and that we could then further use. This week I will follow up the piece by explaining the conditions laid down by The Register and some of my thoughts for what else we do with the articles.

I’d like to begin, though, by thanking those people who have already signed up. We are about one third of the minimum number I said we need to do this without pressurising people too much and that was half-way to my golden figure. I want to extend my great respect of those who have already jumped at the chance and urge everyone else to read the call at the bottom of this blog and jump also :)

El Reg…

The Register has made only three stipulations and I think we can achieve these three with ease and it also allows us some opportunities for further usage.

1.Reg would get first-publication rights on such articles, but the articles could subsequently be republished elsewhere
So we could try to get these articles published by other online agents afterwards, or expand on them and reprint in offline magazines, place on Perl related websites, collect into a series of articles and self-published on LuLu (or whomever). The idea is that once we have the articles we can place them under a CC licence (making sure the author’s copyrights are retained) and use them wherever we can to get maximum use and exposure and further push the envelope.

2.The Reg would not expect to pay any freelance fees
This is par for the course, as mentioned above it may be possible to expand the articles and make some revenue from publishing elsewhere but this exercise is in getting Perl to a wider audience not in making money, personally I will buy a beer for any of the contributors, and will find people to buy you beers if I can.

3. Producing work in a timely fashion. The current expectation is for there to be one article per week. Our first step is to supply an initial article. Assuming all goes well with that, we can set up a schedule for subsequent articles.
An article a week sounds like a high expectation, but I don’t believe so. As I mentioned in my article last week. If we try to get at least two people working on each article and have over 50 contrib’s, that is two articles a year you will work on, but really only write either two halves, or write one and edit one.

But, what we still really need is…


Stop thinking that you couldn’t do a task like this. You can. You will not be alone. You will be at least one of a pair, in a working group of maybe six or eight and part of a wider group who can help you. And you will be helping the community in a huge way. If there are people who want to write articles on their own, that is also cool, we will work with peer review and editing in the same manner. All contributiuons will be useful. I will also need people to help me control who is writing what, where and when. Controlling submissions and tools for co-operative collaboration – so you people who think you can do that should also be raising your hands.

So sign up now. Or else I will find you…

Please email Mark Keating at:


Thanks :)

This week I will be attending the Italian Perl Workshop and I hope that you’ll catch me there and say hello, you may offer me a towel or a hug I will probably accept either, or simply wave this will also suffice.