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Italian Perl Workshop & NWE.PM Webcast

North West England Perl Mongers broadcast to the web A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the North West England Perl Mongers ( would be holding a night with the Catalyst authors and would be trying to broadcast this to the world. Well we will be doing just that. If you go to: [...]

Pushing the Envelope: part two

We happy few… I am going to follow up my article from last week, Pushing the Envelope, with an article cunningly titled Pushing the Envelope: part two (I was going to try something witty such as The Compiler Strikes Back but not only did it not fit the subject matter but it was also not [...]

Pushing the Envelope

While in Lisbon at YAPC::EU::2009 I was fortunate enough to talk to Aaron who is an avid Perler and member of the Edinburgh Perl Mongers. Without going into too much detail it is enough to say that Aaron is a member of the Reg team and we had a discussion about pushing the Perl envelope. [...]

Question the Catalyst Book Authors

Welcome ye one and all to a chance in a lifetime, well an almost chance in a lifetime, especially if you do not know the authors of the Catalyst book, or have only heard about either them, the book, or Perl, or are just curious, or have been living in a tree somewhere, or chanced [...]