My Ironman Status

My Ironman Status

You heard it here first, so it could be official, it could be groovy, it could be an insane attempt to fulfill my Ironman quota for this week with a simple update post, and hopefully it will not be the last you hear of it.

to the archives…

The Planet Perl Archives – a collection of all posts past in some semblance of an order will be around at some point in a possible future.  Man that was lame, try again.  The Planet Perl archives will be available some time soon, watch this space.
After speaking to my friend, long-term business partner and erstwhile Perl guru, the renowned and awe-inspiring mst concerning my previous posts to the Ironman Competition he was in full agreement about the need for an archive and together we will take the challenge of bringing it to the masses. Though timing is another issue.
Enough is said though, the archive is coming and I will update you as to when, where and whatever as soon as I know myself ;).

A licence to…

The next issue I would appreciate your feedback upon concerns Tim Bunce’s point raised in his blog concerning a licence for the Perl Planet (Unattributed copying of perl blog content via Planet Perl). There are some good comments already on Tim’s site but I was curious as to how many people want a licence in place on the Planet? What are your thoughts and feelings? Is it an issue to raise with those of us who style/maintain/provide the service that we can uptake on your behalf?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.