So the time rolled around again and the now gaggle of Perlers in the North West of England did meet to consume beer and talk about things, oft Camel, somewhat Penguin (who was sadly absent) and mostly YNK and this time Doctor Who, System Admin tales of yore and many topics in-between of a geekish/nerdish/churlish nature and not at all centred around Perl or computers.
It was a very good social :).
The Ship and Mitre is a grand pub to hold a social in as its wide variety of liquors and frequently held beer festivals allow one to succumb (succumbage perhaps) to intimate vices with fermented vegetable products, and submit to its minx-like charms we all did.
At the same time something substantive also happened as my fellow cohort and I in the capacity of leadership and somewhat guidance did knock crowns together and fix upon some shape for meetings to come, so in a grand Wellsian tradition I shall now lay out our thoughts (with of course suitable apologies to those whom I am inviting to participate in the next half year who have not fully been informed of this separately but to whom we have discussed somewhat of ideas):

“The Shape of Things to Come”

2nd September
August Technical (yes I realise the disparity of the month) to be held in Lancaster, hopefully at Lancaster University, and to discuss matters pertaining to GSoC and building Perl in the educational community.

30th September
September social (held within the right month :) ), this should be held in the wonderful wee town of Warrington.

28th October
October technical, hopefully this will be held at the wonderful MEN offices in Manchester and may feature a talk by Jess (Castaway) on documenting Perl projects and we are hoping if Jess is about and we can arrange the technical fiddly bits to have a live sync’d conference with KD in Australia and Matt S. Trout where these three can take a live Q&A session and discuss their recent Catalyst book.

25th November
Social for Novemeber, and to continue a newish trend, we will hopefully be holding the social in Manchester but may change venues if there is a decent suggestion from our Manchester contingent – perhaps we could go for food first?

12th-13th December
For our December technical we are firstly meeting early and secondly attempting a 1-2 day hackathon at the Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster. There will be more details about this hackathon and other events on the website as we get them

No doubts there will be more in one month + 2 days for the August Technical.